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Limited Offer for Ambitious Creative Drummers Who Want to Quickly Take Their Phrasing to the Next Level.


Proven Method
Go Through this Thoroughly Researched Program and Master Powerful Techniques that Will Turn You Into a Mind-Blowing Shredder.

Learn Tons of New Licks Every Week and Discover how to Create Your Own! Effortlessly.

In 270+ Pages, 4+ Hours of Videos, Dozens of Lessons and Nearly 1000 Studies You are Going to Find Out:

How to Progressively Build Up Your Chops.

How to Boost Your Linear Phrasing.

The Top 100 Gospel Chops.

50 Great Contemporary Drummers Best Licks.

How to Improvise with Licks and Play Blazing-Fast Drum Solos.

One Hour of Daily Practice for a Few Weeks. Guaranteed Results.

I’m Eugenio Ventimiglia, a lucky drummer who did it all: a thousand live shows, a hundred records, loads of students, touring, recording sessions, clinics, a dozen drum books.

Constantly obsessed with practicing, improving and figuring things out.

That’s to say I can confidently tell what works and what doesn’t. I’ve had the chance to make all the possible mistakes.

Now, with the interactive eBook courseDrum Chops MasteryGospel Chops & Beyond‘, I’m passing to you the knowledge and materials I wish I had 20 years ago.

Drummers with Incredible Chops Weren't Born That Way. They Had to Learn. So What's Stopping You?

Speed is a by-product of control. Therefore, you don’t focus on going faster, you focus on developing more control, so that speed can emerge automatically.

Complex licks are actually simple. You just have to learn them in tiny groupings of a few notes, which then become the building blocks of even the craziest chop.

You need to be inspired, not diligent. To practice consistently you have to feel motivated. And there’s no greater incentive than the quick exciting improvements you see when studying the right stuff.

It’s crucial to separate the Physical, Logical and Emotional component of each study. If you don’t have the conceptual understanding of a lick (subdivisions, sticking involved and so on…), you will never play it.

The HOW (your sound, timing, feel, accuracy, attitude) is infinitely more important than the WHAT.

This is a Rare Shortcut
As crazy as it seems there's no other course like this on the market. Why? Simply because it took more than ten years to research it and distill the knowledge in a clear, convenient format.
You can keep browsing through countless articles, videos, books that don't deliver, and potentially waste years in the process, or you can focus on one condensed, organized proven program, and achieve mind-blowing results.

 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

This method works! Proof? The risk is on me. If in one month of daily practice you don’t see massive improvement, you will get a 100% refund.

+ Free Bonuses!

On top of this, I’d like to make this opportunity even more valuable by giving you 5 Free Bonuses. It’s 50+ additional pages in 5 precious booklets, which are designed to help you Build an Effective Practice Plan, Develop Musicality, Overcome Insecurities, Learn Active Listening, and discover how to Effectively Manage Your Drumming Career. Each of these is easily worth the whole price tag!

Immediate Access: 270+ Pages, 4+ Hours of Video

+ 5 FREE Bonuses

For a Limited Time and Only Through this Page:

129 €20.90

“I want several books from your site. Very good stuff. You are doing an amazing work! Big hug from Spain!” – Erick R.

“Love your content on Confident Drummer! It’s by far the most in-depth educational drum site I’ve come across. Even your free resources are pretty mind blowing.” – Joe L.

“Thank you so much! This is the book that I have wanted to write! I am a long time drummer and you have invited a flame in me to practice again!” – Tony M.

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• A Paypal account is NOT required. All you need is a credit card.
• After purchase you’ll be redirected back here for instant access (and also get a download link at your Paypal email address).
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