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Interactive eBook

Try This Exciting Challenge And See Your Technique Take Off In Just ONE MONTH Of Practice Of This Free Step By Step Course.

Content & Topics Explored:

  • 42 Pages.
  • 36 Studies Organized In A 4-Week Program.
  • 11 Minute Video Showing How To Play Each Exercise.
  • 6 Areas Of Improvement: Mechanics Of Movement, Coordination, Rudiments, Phrasing, Groove, Song Form.
  • Learn The Importance Of Going Deep Into Each Exercise.
  • Understand What It Means To Focus On TheHow’, Instead Of The ‘What’.
  • Assess Your Level With This Effective Technique.
  • Discover The Power Of Practicing In Guided Detailed Steps.
  • Monitor Your Progress Using The Tables Provided.
  • Read About The Approach, Guidelines And Principles That Will Evolve Your Practice Routine.
  • Apply The Same Principles To Everything You Study And Start Making The Most Of Your Time.
  • Watch The Demo Video To Hear Each Exercise With And Without The Metronome (The Click Sound Is Only On The Left Channel).
  • Take Your Drumming To The Next Level.

You Can Watch The Entire Video On YouTube By Clicking HERE


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