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   If we are interested in studying and analyzing the greatest drummers of the Gospel scene, Aaron Spears is the perfect name to start with.

   Very strong, energetic and powerful drummer, he is known for his unbelievably fast orchestrations and his extraordinary fills, which he plays with jaw dropping effortlessness and passion.

   His musical concept is totally rooted in Gospel and R&B, and in spite of a quite busy approach he is clearly able, when the music calls for it, to serve the song with a beautifully solid groove and an always spot on time feel.

   His technical proficiency is astounding: he moves around the drum set at impossible speeds and with total ease, and he is one of the best examples of this approach to drumming thanks to his ability to play the most difficult Licks at the perfect time even with big names of the contemporary Pop world like Ariana Grande and Usher.

   His Chops are built on lots of sextuplet and thirty-second rolls combinations, whose main strength is the intelligent and even visually intriguing orchestration, in syncopated and explosive fills.

   All of this works smoothly thanks to his impeccable feeling and an always passionate emotional element, which hypnotizes the listener.

   Let’s check out 6 examples of his style in this PDF:

   Click here to watch the Video Demo on YouTube.  

   If you are interested in this kind of studies, in ‘Drum Chops Mastery’ you will find transcriptions of 50 of the greatest drummers of all time (such as Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gavin Harrison), as part of a complete course designed to help you master your soloing skills.

‘Drum Chops Mastery – Gospel Chops And Beyond’

   You can click here for a free excerpt and the full list of drummers analyzed:

Drum Chops Mastery – Free Excerpt



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