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   Vinnie is the best: pure genius, energy, instinct, and just the right amount of craziness, are channeled into a unique and instantly recognizable style. Almost out of control, yet somehow always within the boundaries of making amazing music.

   An artist who has been able to remain a top name in the drumming world for more than 4 decades and in many different contexts, which is truly astounding.
   First call session player, hundreds of records under his belt in each musical genre you can think of. World tours with some of the greatest music stars of our time, and in music styles very far from each other: for instance, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock in Jazz and Sting in Pop. And also, a marvelous solo album, and numerous clinics and drum festivals appearances.

   All of this while constantly evolving and refining his art, never missing a beat, and inspiring countless drummers along the way.

   A very intelligent and interesting man, his interviews are also truly inspiring, and exude passion for drumming and love for life and music.

   Vinnie has developed a very personal and complex style, that has definitely been influenced by his endless musical knowledge and has been supported all these years by ridiculously high levels of technical proficiency. Probably the highest ever reached on our instrument.

   A true master that even after 4 decades of drumming career is still able to surprise the listener and doesn’t seem to be even close to being out of things to say.

   As far as his chops and phrasing go, he often mentions the fact that he has worked for a very long time on a bunch of licks, exploring them in all possible combinations.

  If we listen to the solos he has played over the years we can identify some of these licks. That’s where the 6 ideas transcribed in this PDF come from. They are just a tiny fraction of the giant amount of phrases Vinnie gave us.

   Click here to watch the Video Demo on YouTube.  

   If you are interested in this kind of studies, in ‘Drum Chops Mastery’ you will find transcriptions of 50 of the greatest drummers of all time (such as Steve Gadd, Aaron Spears, Gavin Harrison), as part of a complete course designed to help you master your soloing skills.

‘Drum Chops Mastery – Gospel Chops And Beyond’

   You can click here for a free excerpt and the full list of drummers analyzed:

Drum Chops Mastery – Free Excerpt

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