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Interactive eBook

Learn How To Coach Yourself. Find Out Dozens Of Cutting Edge Concepts And Integrate Them In Your Arsenal To Grow As A Musician And As A Person. Overcome Blocks, Become More Conscious, Evolve Your Career, Play With Confidence, Enjoy Having A Sense Of Purpose.

Content & Topics Explored:

  • 600 Pages.
  • 107 Concepts, 93 Exercises, Dozens Of Strategies And Powerful Techniques.
  • Accomplish 100% Of Your Potential.
  • Empowering Frameworks And Paradigms.
  • How Learning Works.
  • How Change Works.
  • Physical, Logical, Emotional & Creative Tools.
  • From Inadequate To Effortlessly Masterful.
  • How To Become Extremely Effective.
  • What Is Talent And What To Do About It.
  • How To Handle Fear And Anxiety.
  • How To Reach True Confidence.
  • What Real Success Is And How To Define It For Yourself.
  • Figure Out What You Really Want In Your Career, And How To Achieve It.
  • A Model To Strengthen Your Inner Resources.
  • Why Character Is Destiny.
  • How To Be More Aware, Take Responsibility, Be Patient, Become Fulfilled.
  • Getting To Know, Understand, Evolve, Express Yourself.
  • Tools To Conquer All Inner Blocks And Self Inflicted Limitations.
  • Discover Your Values, Strengths, Zone Of Genius, Biggest Opportunity.
  • Advanced Techniques To Set And Reach Your Goals.
  • Find Out What Your Mission Is, And Let That Fuel Your Efforts.
  • The Importance Of Daily Routines To Make It All Happen.
  • Suitable For All Musicians, Not Just Drummers.

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