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These programs work! Proof? The risk is on me. If in one month of daily practice you don’t see massive improvement, you will get a 100% refund.

12 Separate Volumes

Interactive eBooks

A Comprehensive, Deeply Researched Selection Of All The Best Drumming Knowledge. More Than 1500 Pages Of Breakthrough Studies, Organized In 12 Volumes, Going Deep Into Each Subject, And Covering All The Advanced Topics Of The Modern Drumming Scene.

Content & Topics Explored:

  • 1500+ Pages.
  • 5462 Exercises.
  • 27+ Hours Of Videos Showing How To Play Each Exercise.
  • Vol.1 – Theory & Concepts – No More Doubts About The Theory And All Concepts You Need As A Solid Foundation To Great Drumming. Knowledge, Clarity, Musical Proficiency.
  • Vol.2 – Hands & Mechanics – Understand The Mechanics Of Movement Involved In Drumming And Take Your Hand Technique To Another Level. Accuracy, Sound, Speed, Relaxation, Control.
  • Vol.3 – Bass Drum & Feet – Focus On Your Feet Technique And Independence And Develop Great Control On Both Pedals. Power, Fluidity, Precision, Command.
  • Vol.4 – Coordination & Independence – Develop A Smooth And Fluid Interaction Between The Limbs So That You Can Play Anything Effortlessly. Symmetry, Elegance, Alignment, Balance.
  • Vol.5 – Phrasing & Fills – Discover How To Develop A Modern, Complete, Complex Vocabulary And How To Uniquely Integrate It Into Your Own Style. Language, Ideas, Tools, Personality.
  • Vol.6 – Click & Timing – Become A Masterful Timekeeper And Learn How To Handle All Nuances Within The Pulse, In Different Musical Settings. Rhythm, Groove, Feel, Timing, Beat Control.
  • Vol.7 – Groove Workout & Tools – Dive Deep Into All The Tools You Need To Develop An Intense Pocket In All You Play. Tempo, Combinations, Patterns, Precision, Strength.
  • Vol.8 – Groove Mastery & Formulas – Discover The Untold Guidelines And Systems Used By Top Drummers To Make Their Grooves Sound Amazing. Dynamics, Solidity, Subtlety, Refinement, Grace.
  • Vol.9 – Interpretation & Arrangement – Learn How To Transcend Reading Drum Notation And Turn It Into Music In Real Time. Arrange Drum Parts, Create Your Own Beats. Style, Taste, Musicality, Creativity.
  • Vol.10 – Art & Musicianship – Get In Touch With The Deep Meaning Of Making Music And Expressing Yourself On The Drums. Explore All The Aspects Involved. Expression, Perspective, Creation, Flow.
  • Vol.11 – Career & Business – Study All The Elements Involved In Being Part Of The Music Business And Get Strategic In Shaping A Fulfilling Career. Projects, Goals, Marketing, Networking, Vision.
  • Vol.12 – Drums & Sounds – Develop A Full Understanding Of Each Component Of Your Sound And Include This Crucial Aspect Of Drumming In Your Personal Voice. Details, Colours, Choice, Tone.

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