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Interactive eBook

Get In Touch With The Deep Meaning Of Making Music And Expressing Yourself On The Drums. Explore All The Aspects Involved. Expression, Perspective, Creation, Flow.

Content & Topics Explored:

  • 135 Pages.
  • Exercises To Develop Musicality, Focus, Improvisation Skills, Interplay, Listening, Soloing, Creativity, Song Form Awareness, Sound Experimentation.
  • What Is Art.
  • What It Means To Play Music, And What It Means To Play It On A Drumset.
  • Understanding Your Tone, Style, Feel.
  • How To Do Research And Experiment With Sounds.
  • The Importance Of Presence And Being More Aware And How To Translate It Into Making Music.
  • How To Express Yourself Fully, And Being In The Flow While Playing.
  • Creativity And Staying Inspired.
  • Finding Your Place In Music.
  • Improvisation, Soloing And Interplay Insights And Studies.
  • Loops To Jam Along With.
  • Understanding The Keys To Practicing More Effectively And Improving Faster.
  • Practice Plan Templates To Monitor Your Progress.
  • The Crucial Concept Of Mastery And How To Cultivate It.
  • Exploring The Details Of How To Play A Song.
  • An Explanation Of All Types Of Mistakes And The Ways To Avoid Them.
  • Talent Debunked.

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