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Interactive eBook

Study All The Elements Involved In Being Part Of The Music Business And Get Strategic In Shaping A Fulfilling Career. Projects, Goals, Marketing, Networking, Vision.

Content & Topics Explored:

  • 113 Pages.
  • How To Deal With The Fact That Music Involves Business.
  • Mistakes Most Musicians Make.
  • Opportunities In The Contemporary Music Scene.
  • The Importance Of Preparation And Being Extremely Good – As A Starting Point.
  • Learning To Know Yourself And Become More Effective By Doing So.
  • A Presentation Of Values, Strengths, Vision, Goals, Integrity – And Why They Are So important.
  • What’s A Career And How To Build One.
  • Ways To Be Strategic, Smart, Efficient In Managing Your Career.
  • Understanding Marketing And Value.
  • Dealing With Money In A Constructive Intelligent Manner.
  • What Are Infrastructures And Which Ones You Need To Set In Place In Order To Make Things Happen.
  • How People Function.
  • Music Industry Professionals And How To Relate To All Of Them.
  • Dealing With The Artist (When In A Tour, In A Studio, Or In A Band).
  • Being Social.
  • The Keys To Genuinely Building A Network That Automatically Works For You.
  • The Principles Of Developing Personal Effectiveness On All Levels.

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