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Interactive eBook

Develop A Smooth And Fluid Interaction Between The Limbs So That You Can Play Anything Effortlessly. Symmetry, Elegance, Alignment, Balance.

Content & Topics Explored:

  • 146 Pages.
  • 1678 Exercises.
  • 3 Hours And 10 Minutes Of Videos Showing How To Play Each Exercise.
  • Basic Coordination Refinement.
  • Technical Symmetry Development.
  • Powerful Rituals To Enhance Coordination Between All Limbs.
  • Exercises For Alignments Precision (Avoiding Flams Between Limbs).
  • Groove Applications.
  • Exercises For Independent Moeller Technique Between Arms.
  • How To Improve Your Balance On The Stool.
  • Studies To Raise Coordination Through Hi-Hat Openings.
  • Guided Deep Exploration Of 4 Limbs Combination. Linear And Unison Cells.
  • Complete Independence Crash Course To Progressively Master Your 4 Way Freedom.
  • Binary And Ternary Subdivisions Included.
  • Combinations To Transition Towards Musical Applications Of The Skills Developed.

Download The Table Of Contents By Clicking HERE

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