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40% OFF! 41.9024.90 Euro

This program works! Proof? The risk is on me. If in one month of daily practice you don’t see massive improvement, you will get a 100% refund.

24.90 Euro (Instead of 41.90)

Interactive eBook

Go Through This Complete And Passionately Researched Program And Follow The Guided Method To Turn Into A Spectacular Shredder. But Learn How To Do It In Service Of The Music. Power, Control, Speed, Energy, Skill.

Content & Topics Explored:

  • 272 Pages.
  • 951 Chops And Ideas To Expand Your Creative Boundaries.
  • 4 Hours And 20 Minutes Of Videos Showing How To Play Each Exercise.
  • A Musical Approach To Developing Drum Chops.
  • Progressive Step By Step Training.
  • Fast, Agile Playing.
  • Make Your Phrasing Fluent And Sophisticated.
  • Linear Chops.
  • Chops Based On Each Rudiment.
  • Chops Organized By Length.
  • Chops Organized By Subdivision.
  • Dozens Of Licks And Variations For Each Category.
  • Collection Of 100 Gospel Chops.
  • Chops Transcriptions And Analysis Of 50 Contemporary Top Drummers.
  • Learn A Powerful Method To Create Your Own Variations And To Develop Your Unique Style.
  • Find Out How To Improvise With Licks.

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