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   Today’s music has reached such levels of complexity, and is such a sophisticated melting pot of elements, that perfect technique has become a must and drummers are expected to perform with flawless accuracy at all levels of recording and touring.

   This drum method aims to provide a extensive and effective system to improve all the technical elements necessary to play the drums correctly, with mastery, with relaxation and confidence, and with a beautiful sound.

   During my formative years I have always loved asking lots of questions, going deep and trying to understand the essence of the vision of each of the great musicians and educators with whom I have been fortunate enough to come into contact.

   What I have discovered is that taking your drum technique to the next level is not about how many drum books you complete and how many hours you practice. It’s about what you practice and especially how you practice. That’s in a nutshell the masters’ approach.

   So I decided to combine all the knowledge gathered in over two decades and synthesize it in a comprehensive drum book with a simple philosophy: boost your drum technique so much that you never have to worry about it anymore.

   The goal is to provide game-changing content based on the most powerful tools and workouts, to help drummers master this area of drumming.

   The benefits of developing great technique are:

  • Quality of sound.
  • Accurate timing.

  • Rhythmic precision.

  • Levels of control that allow for totally relaxed playing.
  • The ability to fully express ourselves.

  • Having solutions to draw from to create fresh ideas.
  • Enjoying being able to ‘forget’ about technique.
  • Last but not least: speed 😉

   The program is organized in six sections, which cover in-depth the full range of technical skills needed to play proficiently:

  • 1- The fundamentals (grip, Moeller, rebound, basic drum strokes, dynamics).
  • 2- Rolls.
  • 3- Rudiments development and combinations.
  • 4- Orchestrations and agility around the kit.
  • 5- Stickings and movement combinations.
  • 6- Linear and unison coordination.

   Plus additional content including:

  • Drum solos.
  • Details, concepts and guidelines on how to study and create a practice plan to make the most of the exercises.
  • A discussion on how to set up the drums for top performance.
  • A selection of inspiring ideas and quotes directly from the masters.

   In total it’s more than 500 pages and 11 hours of video content. That’s quite a full immersion!

   The cool thing is that these studies can be used in many ways, from building up your technique from scratch, to taking it up a notch, to doing maintenance, to quickly regaining your skills after a hiatus.

   In this free excerpt I’d like to share with you 55 examples picked from the 3000+ exercises included in the method. I wanted to arrange this booklet so that it’s like a mini course, that you can use to instantly see results.

   You can download it here:

   The transcription of these examples, as well as the table of contents of the method, is included in this 25 page PDF.

   Each exercise is linked to its video demo, which you can access by clicking on the transcription. If you want to check out the whole 18 minute video demo on YouTube, click HERE.

   To find out more and to buy the method you can visit the dedicated page here:
Drum Technique Booster – The Masters’ Approach



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