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Interactive eBook

Discover The Empowering Methods All True Masters Apply To Their Technical Development And Include Them In Your Repertoire Of Skills To Reach Total Freedom On The Drumset. Full Control, Technical Perfection, Effortless Performance.

Content & Topics Explored:

  • 548 Pages.
  • 3072 Exercises.
  • 11 Hours And 20 Minutes Of Videos Showing How To Play Each Exercise.
  • Understand How Technique Works, What It Is, How To Master It.
  • Concepts To Allow Technical Proficiency.
  • Effortless Playing.
  • How To Structure Your Practice Regimen To Make The Most Of It.
  • How To Optimize Your Drumkit Setup For Fastest Improvement.
  • The Guided Detailed Method To Double Your Technique And Speed.
  • The Importance Of Applying Parameters, And Which Ones, To Your Studies.
  • Building A Solid Foundation.
  • Exploring Endless Drum Roll Variations.
  • Rudiments Evolution.
  • Flowing Orchestration Of The Drumset.
  • Going Deep Into Stickings And Combinations.
  • 4 Limbs Alignments, Independence, Freedom.
  • Direct Musical Applications Of Each Study.
  • Collection Of Great Inspiring Insights And Quotes From The Masters.

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