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   I have summarized in a few pages what I’ve figured out in many years of personal experience in the field. And also my understanding of how to make things happen in this business.

   This is my take on how to develop a career in music and how to approach being a fulfilled drummer who plays a lot and has a satisfying musical experience.

   Irrespectively of what your level is or what you would like to do with your drumming, I believe it can really help you in clarifying what’s right for you, and how to get there.

   The main ideas I talk about are:

– How to define what you want, and have a clear vision.
– How to make things happen, the way you want them.
– How to stay motivated.
– The simple yet powerful rules to any success.
– How to use the Internet the smart way.
– How to relate to other musicians.
– How to build a strong network.

   Check this out, and let me know what you think!

   Here is the link to the Free 17 page Booklet:


   If you are interested in these topics you can find out more in my method ‘Career & Business’, in which I elaborate on this subject in great detail.

   It’s more than 110 pages of in depth analysis of all elements of being a professional drummer, including music business, personal effectiveness, music industry roles and so on.

   You can learn more and download the table of content by clicking here:

   ‘Career & Business’ – Altitude Drumming – Volume 11



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