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Interactive eBook

Develop A Full Understanding Of Each Component Of Your Sound And Include This Crucial Aspect Of Drumming In Your Personal Voice. Details, Colors, Choice, Tone.

Content & Topics Explored:

  • 87 Pages.
  • Description Of All Features Of Sound.
  • Explanation Of How Drums And Cymbals Function, Are Built And Produce Sound.
  • Guided Detailed Analysis Of All Drums Elements: Woods, Shells, Bearing Edges, Hoops, Sizes, Drumheads And How They Affect Sound.
  • A Comprehensive Guide To Drum Tuning Understanding And Mastery.
  • A Two Drum Key Little Known Tuning Method And The 3 Steps To Perfectly Tune A Drum In A Few Seconds.
  • Optimizing Your Drumkit Setup.
  • All Different Kinds Of Beaters.
  • Choosing The Right Combination For You.
  • Vintage Instruments.
  • Hardware Choices.
  • Your Sound: How To Define It And Create It.
  • Troubleshooting The Typical Issues And Confusion Related To Sound.

Download The Table Of Contents By Clicking HERE

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