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Interactive eBook

Become Proficient In All Major Styles By Quickly Implementing The Most Important Elements Of Each Genre And Developing A Basic But Fluid Vocabulary. Which Makes You A More Complete Musician. Flexibility, Musicianship, Know-How, Expression.

Content & Topics Explored:

  • 190 Pages.
  • Styles Covered: Pop/Rock, Blues, Shuffle, Metal, Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Samba, AfroCuban, Afro, Reggae, Swag Feel, Brushes.
  • 2 Hours Of Videos Showing How To Play Each Example.
  • Mp3 Downloads To Practice Playing Along With Each Genre.
  • Quickly Upgrade Your Playing By Including All Most Important Styles Essence In Your Vocabulary.
  • Choose The Perfect Drums, Cymbals, Beaters And Tuning For Each Genre.
  • Become A Truly Versatile Drummer And Enjoy Playing A In A Variety Of Settings.
  • Understand The Feel Required To Play Each Style Authentically.
  • Learn Only What You Are Going To Use.
  • Recommended Listenings To Immerse Yourself In The Masterpieces Of Each Style.
  • Technical Workouts To Be Effective In The Style Being Studied.

Download The Table Of Contents By Clicking HERE

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