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40% OFF! 28.9016.90 Euro

This program works! Proof? The risk is on me. If in one month of daily practice you don’t see massive improvement, you will get a 100% refund.

16.90 Euro (Instead of 28.90)

Interactive eBook

Understand The Mechanics Of Movement Involved In Drumming And Take Your Hand Technique To Another Level. Accuracy, Sound, Speed, Relaxation, Control.

Content & Topics Explored:

  • 147 Pages.
  • 382 Exercises.
  • 2 Hours Of Videos Showing How To Play Each Exercise.
  • How To Properly Hit Drums And Cymbals.
  • Anatomy Of A Stroke.
  • Detailed Explanations Of Grip, Fulcrum, Wrist Strokes.
  • Free, Full, Down, Tap, Up Strokes Lessons.
  • Deep Understanding Of The Mechanics Of Movement Involved In Drum Technique.
  • The Use Of Dynamics In Hand Technique.
  • The Way To Play Effortless Consistent Rimshots.
  • A Modern Approach To Moeller Technique.
  • Finger Control Studies.
  • Stick Control, Rebound Control, Open/Close Technique.
  • Play Perfect Double Strokes On Every Surface.
  • Rudiments, Accents, Phrasing.
  • A System To Acquire Full Control Of Each Rudiment.
  • Independence And Coordination Between The Hands.
  • Balance And Symmetry Development.
  • Cross Stick Exercises.
  • Introduction To Brushes: Sounds And Techniques.

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