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Interactive eBook

Learn How To Transcend Reading Drum Notation And Turn It Into Music In Real Time. Arrange Drum Parts, Create Your Own Beats. Style, Taste, Musicality, Creativity.

Content & Topics Explored:

  • 152 Pages.
  • 431 Exercises.
  • 3 Hours And 30 Minutes Of Videos Showing How To Play Each Exercise.
  • A Comprehensive Summary And Explanation Of All Drum Chart Notation.
  • The Significance Of Interpretation In Making Music.
  • Description Of All Different Kinds Of Interpretation, And Their Application.
  • Shuffle Feel Interpretation And Swing Level.
  • Music Scores To Practice 5 Approaches To Interpretation, In All Subdivisions.
  • The Difference Between Note For Note Transcriptions And Lead Sheets, With Examples.
  • Understanding And Practicing With Ensemble And Section Figures.
  • Advanced And Complete SetUp Workout.
  • Learning To Improvise SetUps.
  • Note For Note Transcriptions Of Masterful Examples From Records.
  • The Idea Of Drum Riffs.
  • Arrangement Discussion And Tools.
  • How To Arrange A Rhythmic Idea, Evolve It, Make A Song Out Of It.
  • Three Approaches To Drum Part Creation For The Same Song.
  • Musical Adaptations Examples And Analysis.

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