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Your Privacy Is Important and I Respect It.

   The manager and curator of this website is me, Eugenio Ventimiglia.

   This website does not use any cookies to monitor or store any of your data. No Google Analytics, no login, no popup windows, no tracking, no advertising. No social widgets: links to YouTube and Instagram are simple links without other features.

   This site works against the current with the precise intention of not being intrusive in any way towards the visitor, and to safeguard your privacy. Although this site is made with WordPress no plugins have been used that include cookies of any kind.

   Session cookies are used for the proper functioning of the site but do not identify the visitor and they vanish at the end of navigation. Cookies that are typically installed on the visitor’s computer are instead called permanent cookies and are the ones that track users: this site does not use them.

   Although monitoring visitors data generates commercial advantages, this site does not do so, intentionally, to ensure navigation free from any restrictions. The only data that is monitored is the count of the visits of each page, which collects only the statistical data of the number of daily views and in no way identifies the visitor.

   The service used is called StatCounter and this is their cookie management policy:

   The site does not include any third-party content (such as Facebook ‘likes’ and YouTube videos previews) exactly to avoid the presence of third-party cookies.

   Even the Blog share buttons have been created manually to avoid any kind of tracking from social platforms. They are just links, created one by one, so the social platform has no way to set a cookie on this website, and to track you.

   The only embedded content consists of the videos in the products presentation page, which are hosted on Vimeo to ensure great quality and fast streaming (and absence of advertising). Vimeo doesn’t set any cookies other than the first-party ones essential to the video player experience, as you can read in their cookie policy:

   The NewsLetter is managed through Brevo, and the consent for the management of email addresses is requested at the time of subscription using a double confirmation opt-in form.

   The mails sent are educational/informative and not for marketing purposes. Your data are not managed by me but by Brevo, one of the world’s leading companies for managing mailing lists.

   Here you can find their privacy policy in which they explain how they manage and protect your data:

   If you have subscribed to the NewsLetter, there is an ‘unsubscribe’ button in each mail, and also you have the right to request cancellation and deletion of your contact at any time. In this case, just send me a message at:

   This site does not use carts, it is not necessary to register, it is not necessary to log in and provide any personal information.

   Purchases on the site are managed via PayPal. Each product can be purchased with a dedicated PayPal button, which refers to a payment page managed by PayPal itself. Since the payment buttons are links that refer directly to the website, does not process any data related to the transaction and payment.

   Here you can find the PayPal privacy policy: 

   DISCLAIMER: The strategies explained in the materials and services offered on this website are based on years of study and application, therefore the same results in terms of personal and professional growth cannot be granted, as they may not suit your specific circumstances. The user/customer takes full responsibility for his/her actions. All content is to be used as entertainment and cannot be used as psychological advice. If you have any medical situation or suspect having it, you must ask for professional treatment. By using this site, you signify your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

  Thanks for your attention and have a nice day.

Eugenio Ventimiglia

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