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   Have you ever had trouble finding cool beats that cover all the main approaches to keeping time?
Then you are in the right place.

   Since the idea behind all Confident Drummer education is to provide condensed knowledge and shortcuts to help drummers improve their skills, I decided to put together a collection of a bunch of great modern grooves, organized by type and subdivision.

   Practicing these materials can be beneficial in many ways: while you have fun learning new interesting beats you also become more versatile and improve your groove.

   Being a good drummer means many things, and one of these is definitely knowing rhythms in all main subdivisions and styles.

   So, here are the categories I thought would be important to include:

– Eighth note rhythms.

– Rhythms with eighth note Hi-Hat pattern and sixteenth note Bass Drum/Snare Drum combinations.

– Sixteenth note rhythms played with just the right hand on the cymbal.

– Sixteenth note rhythms played with alternating hands.

– 3/4 rhythms with eighth note Hi-Hat pattern.

– Eighth note triplet rhythms.

– 6/8 rhythms.

- Shuffle rhythms.

– Half shuffle rhythms.

– Binary and ternary linear rhythms.

   Here is the free PDF with the transcriptions:

   For each of these ten groups we are going to practice 8 examples (you can access the YouTube video demo by clicking HERE).

   By doing this we will have covered most of what we need to be able to play in contemporary musical contexts.

   As usual, once we have mastered these beats in their basic version we can add layers and parameters to make things more interesting, musical, and unique.

   Feel free to check out the dedicated posts and discover how to work on different tempos, dynamics, orchestrations, permutations and embellishments.

   Come back to these pages anytime you need to work on a groove style you are not too familiar with and instantly boost your versatility.

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