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   One of the main elements that drummers need to consider to achieve a thorough knowledge of drum theory, is definitely the study of metric modulation.

   In this free booklet I’d like to share with you an in-depth analysis of all the concepts necessary to grasp how metric modulation works, and even the mathematical formula to derive the exact tempo changes involved.

   Simply put, we have a metric modulation when, starting from a specific point of a piece, we assign to the pulse a new note value, which has some kind of mathematical relationship with the first one:

   t2 = t1 : (p2: p1)

   In which:
– t1 is the starting bpm.
– t2 is the final bpm, the one after the modulation.
– p1 is the value of the starting pulse.
– p2 is the value of the final pulse, the one after the modulation.

   Check out the 9 page PDF with the complete lesson and all transcriptions:

   Also here is the direct link to the YouTube video in which I demonstrate the 6 examples discussed in the booklet.

   This is powerful stuff!

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