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   Hi! Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by. My name is Eugenio Ventimiglia and I’m an Italian freelance drummer and educator.

   Confident Drummer is an educational project that is aimed towards advanced drummers.

   It is a synthesis of 25 years of experience, career and passionate research.

   My objective is to contribute and give value to the drumming community, offering exhaustive and stimulating condensed knowledge, to provide effective answers and studies on topics that typically are not fully covered.

   You can read more on the ‘Mission’ page if you like, where I tell how the whole thing came about 🙂

   The idea is to show drummers a more musical and aware approach to drumming and to life as drummers.

   The slogan of the project is ‘Become A Musician Who Plays The Drum’. Which sums up the whole concept behind all subjects presented.

   To understand the art of drumming thoroughly, and to have all the tools necessary in order to create music, and not only to be technically proficient players, no matter how good.
   The project consists of:

– An online portal with more than 3,000 pages of organized content. 16 drum methods, more than 20 hours of video and lots of free resources. 

– This Blog, which is designed to be an advanced drum course, and which includes PDFs, MP3s, exercises, videos, lessons, articles etc.

Drum Coaching for the advanced drummer who is looking for expert guidance and support, to get unstuck, or to bring his/her skills and career to the next level.
– A NewsLetter with exclusive content for subscribers.

– A YouTube channel with studies, lectures, talks. 

– An Instagram profile.

– A Facebook profile.

   I’ve deliberately disabled comments to keep the blog streamlined. If you have any questions feel free to write me an email!

   I hope these pages will become a reference for you, anytime you need some inspiration, or fresh new ideas to work on, or a boost to your motivation level.



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