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40% OFF All Methods!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If in one month of daily practice you don't see massive improvement, you will get a 100% refund.

Check Out The Offer On Each Method's Page.

   We’ve heard a million times how quality beats quantity. That’s especially true in improving your drumming skills! I believe the main element of quality practice sessions is being organized.

   That’s why I recommend you create a ‘ConfidentDrummer’ folder on your pc, to collect and keep track of all the materials you are going to download, so that you can make the most of them.

   Speaking of which, in this Pdf you will find three blank music sheets, 8 staves each, that you can print in as many copies as you like.

   You can use them to keep your studies and ideas arranged, and for your transcriptions.

   Also, on the last page there is a table that you can print to monitor how much you improve in your practice sessions.

   It’s super easy to keep track of your improvement when you record every day the bpm of each exercise you are practicing and for how long you have worked on it.


   Check out the detailed instructions included in the Pdf!

   For best results I recommend you use this WorkBook along with my free guide on how to create a great practice plan, which you can download here:

How To Build An Effective Practice Routine – The Ultimate Guide To Practicing Drums

   And don’t forget to visit the Blog to immediately access all the free resources available:

Confident Drummer Blog



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