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   These are the steps that in many years of experience I have discovered are necessary to learn a song at a professional level.

   As usual, doing things that work will make the learning process a lot faster and more effective. I see many drummers doing these steps in reverse order – as I also did for a long time 🙂

   First thing they do, they start playing. Then they try to play it their own way… and so on. After one hour they star wondering what the tempo is.

   You may already be using some of these ideas. If not, try this approach and your bandmates will hear the difference!

   Here is a Pdf with the ‘instructions’, I recommend that you print it and keep it handy when learning a new song:


   This can really change how you sound in a band. And instantly turn you into a more professional drummer.  

   Not to mention how much your overall skill, musicality and versatility will improve.

   If you are interested in these topics you can find out more in my method ‘Art & Musicianship’.

Click here to check it out and download the table of content:

‘Art & Musicianship’ – Altitude Drumming – Volume 10



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