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   Jeff Porcaro is one of the greatest drummers ever lived. This is a little tribute to his incredible groove.

   I’ve worked hard to put together this interactive Pdf which includes 40 of the best beats Jeff has played during his amazing career.

   These grooves and transcriptions are from his DVD ‘Instructional DVD For Drums’, and also from his recordings, mainly with Toto.

   The video is a masterpiece, and you learn so much just watching Jeff explain what he does and play with his effortless and relaxed approach. I recommend that you get a copy of it and watch it at least a thousand times :). (on YouTube you can find it HERE).

   I believe studying such great masters is a must for every drummer, no matter what kind of music you play.

   So let’s get ready to groove hard!

   Here you can download the Pdf:


   You can click on each groove in the Pdf to go to its specific time in the YouTube video where I play each example.

   I hope you enjoy it!

   This is part of my ‘Groove Masters’ mini-series. There are more on the way. I have also done a Pdf about Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Jordan and John JR Robinson, which you can download here:

Vinnie Colaiuta Grooves
Steve Jordan Grooves
John JR Robinson Grooves

   If you like this kind of studies and feel like boosting your grooving skills, you can find all the tools you need in the two Confident Drummer methods entirely focused on this key topic (free excerpt at the bottom of the page):

‘Groove Workout & Tools’ – Altitude Drumming – Volume 7
‘Groove Mastery & Formulas’ – Altitude Drumming – Volume 8



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