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Interactive eBook

Dive Deep Into All The Tools You Need To Develop An Intense Pocket In Everything You Play. Tempo, Combinations, Patterns, Precision, Strength.

Content & Topics Explored:

  • 134 Pages.
  • 653 Exercises.
  • 3 Hours And 15 Minutes Of Videos Showing How To Play Each Exercise.
  • Go Deep Into A Complete Detailed Program Designed To Unlock Your Grooving Skills.
  • Fat Back Studies In All Subdivisions.
  • Include A Multitude Of Hi-Hat Variations And Ostinatos In Your Grooves.
  • Develop Extra Control With Your Bass Drum To Handle Challenging Combinations.
  • Adding The Left Foot To Your Beats.
  • Linear Grooving.
  • How To Use Permutations To Explore Each Possible Variation.
  • Advanced Hi-Hat Openings Studies.
  • Ghost Notes Exercises.
  • Double Paradiddle Applied To Grooving And Ghost Notes Development.
  • Learn A Method To Focus On One Limb At The Time And Gain Total Independence.
  • The Importance Of Producing Great Groove At All Dynamic Levels, And How To Do It.

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