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   Steve Jordan is one of the greatest drummers of our time. Here is a tribute to his amazing grooves.

   Half of the transcribed beats are from his DVD ‘The Groove Is Here’, which I have watched a thousand times and is a must have for every drummer.

   The second half of the transcriptions is a collection of grooves from records Steve has played on.

17” Hi-Hats are highly recommended 🙂

   Here you can download the Pdf with all transcriptions:


   You can click on each groove in the Pdf to go to its specific time in the YouTube video where I play each example.


   This is part of my ‘Groove Masters’ mini-series. A few more are on their way (and drop me a line if you have any request). For instance, I have also done a Pdf about Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeff Porcaro and John JR Robinson, which you can download here:

Vinnie Colaiuta Grooves
Jeff Porcaro Grooves
John JR Robinson Grooves

   And if you feel like working on your groove, these are for you:

‘Groove Workout & Tools’ – Altitude Drumming – Volume 7
‘Groove Mastery & Formulas’ – Altitude Drumming – Volume 8



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