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   Rudiments can be not only very useful as far as technique goes, but also incredibly fun and musical to play. In these two studies we learn two solos, one in 4/4 and one in 6/8.

   It’s interesting to add the feet, with the Hi-Hat opening and closing and the Bass Drum playing all accents along with the Snare.

   For best results follow these guidelines:

1- One bar at the time, just with the hands.
2- Two bars at the time, so that you play the same phrase symmetrically.
3- The entire solo.
4- Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 with the feet.

   Click here to download the transcriptions:


   By clicking on each page you can watch the demo video on YouTube.

   This study combines the technical component of practicing the rudiments in a symmetrical fashion, and the musical component of arranging them in 2 and 4 bar forms, with the extra musicality we achieve by adding the feet.

   The 6/8 solo is a tricky one, have fun with it 😉

   If you are into improving your hand technique, I also recommend you check this out:  

   ‘Hands & Mechanics’ – Altitude Drumming – Volume 2



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