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   10 ways to overcome your insecurities, also known as 10 ways to boost your confidence ;).

   This is a topic that I really care about, as you can tell by the name of this website. First of all, let me tell you openly, I have always tended to feel insecure and doubt myself, especially in my first years as a professional drummer.

   Now I clearly see how that struggle was a beautiful opportunity, which led me to work on myself and grow a lot as a person and as a musician.

   To the point that I’ve learned a bunch of effective ways to feel pretty confident about myself. And that’s what I’d like to share with you today.

   There’s a lot of pressure involved in being onstage or recording in a studio and dealing with all the kinds of people and demanding situations that come up in the music business.

   The subject of insecurities is a big deal for anybody who is involved in some kind of performance, and needs to be addressed so that it doesn’t undermine the quality of what we do.

   Confidence is our natural state. Confidence is not arrogance (which is also a form of uncertainty), is just the feeling of being adequate and able to meet the requirements of a situation.

   It’s what remains when we don’t have any insecurities, and that’s why we are going to focus mainly on taking care of those.

   The fastest and most effective way to solve any problem is to go to the root cause of it.

   So many times we try to fix the effect, or go for a quick fix, and we end up facing the same situation over and over because the root cause is still there.

   Here we are going to take the opposite approach, and go deep.

   You can read the full article in this booklet I have written for you, so that you can review it any time you like:


   It’s a 15 minutes read in which I explain where our insecurities come from, in detail. I also elaborate on each of the 10 methods to overcome insecurity, which are summarized here:

1- Do the homework, be prepared, be ready.

2- Accept the worst case scenario.

3- Focus on what you control and let go of what you don’t control.

4- Face your fears and see that there’s nothing to fear.

5- Review in your mind all the times you were able to do it.

6- Visualize things going perfectly.

7- Surround yourself with positive and inspiring influences.

8- Focus on what’s really meaningful to you.

9- Meditate, observe your unconscious, stay present.

10- Notice the positive side of insecurity.

   As you can tell I love these subjects, and I believe psychology and awareness are crucial to being a good drummer.

   I have written a whole book about all these dynamics and the inner aspects of being a musician and actualizing our potential as drummers.
   If you are interested and would like to learn more you can visit this page:

‘Actualized Drummer – Paths To Reach Your Full Potential’

   Also, if you want to discover how to feel more confident and inspired about your career as a drummer, you may want to read this free booklet:

Drumming Career – Tips and Inspiration



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